The Most Visited Posts of 2011 So Far –’s Top 10


    I used to write these more often, but for some reason I’ve gotten away from it.  I really, really dig what other people like to read on, and I love to see what kinds of trends the Community holds.

    Top Ten Most Visited Links on for 2011!

    1. The second page of!  YEEHAAA!
    2. Thomas Edison on Failure
    3. DIY Globe Cluster-esque Chandeliers
    4. Art with Shadows:  Tim Noble and Sue Webster’s Trashy Shadows
    5. The Technical Evolution of Automated Lighting:  High End Systems’ Intellaspot XT-1 and PRG’s Bad Boy
    6. Mike Zinman’s PORTFOLIO for iPhone
    7. The Gaff Tape Dress Showdown!
    8. Mindseye’s Lighting Design for Bermondsey Square – very cool!
    9. The Recommended Reading Store!
    10. Something Horribly Wrong is Going On at Wicked Lasers

    Awesome!  Thank you to EVERYBODY for reading!!!

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