Daniel Mullen Paints Light Like A Boss

Check this out -- Daniel Mullen, acrylic on canvas, title should be "I'M GONNA SMACK YOU WITH AWESOME" Daniel Mullen Amsterdam based abstract architectural painter, Daniel Mullen, was born in Glasgow, Scotland 1985. He graduated in...

One Dead, Five Injured in China Truss Collapse

I'm not surprised, but it definitely sucks.  One person was killed and at least five others were severely injured when an upstage truss tipped...

Brazilian Man Killed in Arc Flash at Music Festival

It's pretty cut and dry - a Brazilian man climbed up some truss, barefoot, and while traversing his way, barefoot, across the downstage truss,...

Retinal Orgasm – NASA’s Releases of the Lagoon Nebula

Oh my goodness, watch this: The Lagoon Nebula. Media server folks, want some amazing content? Holy crap. This is incredible imagery. From the Hubble site: At the...

The Daily Lamp – Dror Caspi and HELIA, Ardoma Design

These things are made of concrete.  Concrete shade-style fixtures...  the manufacturer includes two materials, concrete and metal fittings.  Let's just say you're ordering the extra-strength...

The Daily Lamp – RLON’s L3 Lamp

It's been a long time since I've been able to look at non-entertainment fixtures, but I very much enjoyed finding this one!  Meet design...

Overunity Systems, Perpetual Motion, Zero Point Energy

What is this nonsense? Breaking the Laws of Thermodynamics?! You are CRAZY, JimOnLight! You nutjob, those are LAWS!

HELIOS is the US Navy’s New Laser Weapon

The personification of the sun... a laser that can knock a drone dead out of the sky, somewhere between 60kW and 150kW. That's tremendous.

Wires Above Cities, Then and Now

Before we had rat nests of death in the air through cities across the world, we had beautiful rat nests of death across the air in our cities. Notice the difference?

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2010 Asian Games Opening Ceremony – Whoa. No, Seriously.

This post started out as a bump for another great Boston Globe Big Picture Blog post, this time on the 2010 Asian Games opening...

What? “Alien” Light from Büro für Form

I am really curious as to what planet this Alien light comes from - the Alien Light from Büro für Form looks suspiciously like...

Blue Marbles! The Earth At 28,000 Miles

So back on the 7th of December 1972 , Appollo 17 was about 28,000 miles away from the surface of the Earth, and they...

2008’s Most Exciting Concert Visuals

My wife sent me a link to AccentFeed's article about the most exciting concert visuals of 2008.  You gotta check this out!

The McNamara Tunnel, Detroit Airport

Have you ever been through "The Tunnel" at the Detroit Metro Airport?  The McNamara Terminal at the Detroit Metro Airport has a 27 minute...

Event Horizon Telescope – Capture the Edge of Light

Imagine something so powerful that not even light can escape -- and then imagine that we have no way to see it, because not even light can escape it.

Argentinian Dude Photographs Exploding Star

Thanks to Victor Buso, we now have photographs of the supernova explosion in the spiral galaxy NGC 613 -- a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Ten Minutes of Fireworks Intentionally Fired at Once

Ever seen a ten minute display of fireworks fired off all at once? Here's a good example!

VER Merges With PRG

Whoa.  VER (Video Equipment Rentals, for those who don't know what a VER is) just...

Incredible Sustainable Power News Among Energy Stories that are Liquid Poop

There is so much bad news going on lately with regards to the plight of...

Wasp39B – An Exoplanet with Water, but at 1400 Degrees

There is so much that can be discerned by dissecting light from faraway places.  Right...

Electrical Bird Nests of Death Worldwide

I just recently learned what the actual definition of a clusterfuck was, and I was...
"Light becomes an intelligent language"

Name Change – Philips Lighting Rebrands as SIGNIFY

Philips Lighting is rebranding itself as Signify, which is a pending change, shareholders willing.  News...

A New Church of White Concrete and Filtered Light

White concrete and direct sunlight mixed with indirect sunlight make for one amazing church.
incredible Aurora Borealis...

8K, 360-degree Video of the Aurora Borealis and Lunar Eclipse in Fairbanks

The Aurora Borealis and Lunar Eclipse in Fairbanks, Alaska last week. 8K. 360-degree video. Mind blowing.