Daniel Mullen Paints Light Like A Boss


Check this out — Daniel Mullen, acrylic on canvas, title should be “I’M GONNA SMACK YOU WITH AWESOME”

Daniel Mullen
Amsterdam based abstract architectural painter, Daniel Mullen, was born in Glasgow, Scotland 1985. He graduated in 2011 with a BFA from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. Mullen has exhibited internationally; London, Vancouver, New York and most recently had his first museum show in Berlin. His work has also been acquired by notable private and corporate collections.

About his work
By applying paint with paper tape to raw canvas, Mullen manages to create layered images, constantly pushing the boundaries of perception. Interested in the concept of ‘monoliths’ and architectural representations of authority and legitimacy, Mullen has long been busy with the visual power and intensity of depth and light when engaged with a flat surface. Juxtaposing the physicality of his work with the suggestion of space, Mullen creates a complex affect that manages to suggest the incarnation of something grand and vast yet also perhaps just that; a suggestion and not a reality. An illusion, and not the truth. As a devoted craftsman who meticulously creates all of his work without digital or mechanical aids, he still manages to create the impression of reproducibility, which is precisely what he seeks to highlight in an era of mass consumption. Additionally, it is the posturing of power and success that Mullen is especially interested in. How does an image in the digital age gain or lose its impact as it travels through the online world?

Dude, you need to call up EVERY poly sheet manufacturer and be all like, “do you have any idea how good I could make your product catalogue look?!”

Check out Daniel Mullen’s website

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