The Gaff Tape Dress Showdown



Two of my favorite Twitter folks, @lekogirl and @a_mandolin, are gonna be having a showdown using Gaffer’s Tape to make a dress of some sort.  For those of you who don’t know gaff tape, it’s what we use in the lighting industry (and in pretty much all over facets of entertainment) as the duct tape for everything.

These rocking chicas are going to use it to fight it out, homemade dress style.

It is so on.  The bar is high – here’s @lekogirl’s color filter dress from LDI 2009:


But watch out…  @a_mandolin brings this to the ring:



I am throwing $20 USD into the winner’s pot for this competition. If you’re interested in donating to the 2010 Gaff Dress Challenge, get a hold of me through the contact form.  Any kind of donation (money or otherwise) is great.  I’m trying to make this worthwhile for these two talented ladies!

The rules are simple:

  1. The main fabric of the dress can be gaff tape.
  2. Yes, you may use non-gaff tape for fasteners, boning for corsets, zippers, whatever.  Make sure to ask first.
  3. The dress must rule the school.

Easy!  The end of this gaff tape dress-off will be at USITT 2010.  More details as they emerge.

Get ready, we’re going to get our faces rocked off.

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  1. what on earth have I gotten myself into… is this punishment for not sending out #kiltofshame pics!?!?

    : )

    Super excited – tho I would LOVE a gaff tape sponsor… *hint*hint*

  2. I’ll throw in $20 OR dinner for two at Gates BBQ, Winners choice (Read last month’s Sightlines if you don’t know about KC BBQ).

    Being from Kansas City, I gotta contribute to this one.

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