A Storm Coming – A 22 Minute Storm Approach in 80 Seconds


I love deconstruction and hyper-construction – taking something like a video shot at a certain frame rate and speeding it up to a thousand times its intended watching speed, or slowing it down so much as to examine its individual frame images.  I *love* it.  It probably goes right along with my need to take things apart and see how they work on a component level.

Here’s a video I just finished – it’s a storm coming across the horizon in Oklahoma City.  It was initially a 22 minute video that I sped up to just under 80 seconds.  I love how the light in the video slowly diminishes in the sky in color, and then in intensity as the storm diffuses the light with particles of water when humidity increases.

The music used to have lyrics, but they’re meaningless now, so I decided to record the score without them.

Check out the video – very cool!

A Storm Coming – A Storm Invades Oklahoma City from Jim Hutchison on Vimeo.

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