DIY Globe Cluster Chandelier-esque Fixtures


I’ve been seeing a lot of variations on the hanging cluster of globes idea lately – I wrote about a lamp I found at CSN Lighting a while ago, there’s Valentin Luce’s Marco Agnoli Sphere 19 Pendant Lamp, and one I discovered through Door Sixteen’s post about the Remodelista DIY Globe Cluster Lamp (which is what this article is really about) called 85 Lamps for Droog Productions.  It’s a globe cluster of 85 hanging lamps. Check out these first two.

The Valentin Luce’s Margo Agnoli Sphere 19 Pendant Lamp (which retails at $3112.00):


and the Rody Graumans’ 85 Lamps (retailing at $2718.75 USD, or 1995 euros):


The actual purpose of this article is to talk about the DIY project posted at Remodelista – the Glass Orb Cluster Light:


The entire project costs about $70 if you follow the directions to the letter – but I bet you could make it even cheaper.  Places like Garden Ridge are perfect for projects of this scope.  My wife and I used to hit those kinds of stores looking for stuff very similar.  Brooklyn designer Jean Pelle designed this project, and it was featured in the recent issue of Ready Made magazine.  Jean has a portfolio site (listed above) and the chandelier project has its own page.  Oh, and here’s the Ready-Made article, too.

I really dig the configuration – I like the central point form.



Thanks, Remodelista, Door Sixteen and Ready Made!

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