Ten Minutes of Fireworks Intentionally Fired at Once


I had to post this, it makes me giggle like a dumbass every time I see it.  These guys built a ten minute fireworks display and fired that sucker off in one big gulp – an entire fireworks display at once.

I love fireworks…  almost as much as I love lighting…  fireworks are explosive one-use-only lighting fixtures with one hell of an effect wheel!

This was an intentional use of a whole ton of fireworks all launched at once — there are some other times where at a public display, the fireworks display accidentally shot off at once, which sucks for the company who was contracted, but sure made for some hilarious Youtube video.

Here’s some examples of accidental “all at once” displays — this was San Diego 2012:

And here’s another accidental premature explosulation… Oban Scotland fireworks went off all in a minute:

Here’s one from Italy, 2014 — the whole position went up at once:

Last but not least… a video of some, uh, bros, firing off 300 big bottle rockets at once.


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