Ok, this might be the most awesome lego creation I’ve ever seen, and my best friend is 42 and has every frigging Star Wars lego thing ever invented. Meet the Lego Concert, from Mario Fabrio. Mario’s a bit of a Lego fan you could say… but his work? Even Greggus must bow in the face of Mario the Lego King!







He’s also got a great oil rig in his pile of Lego marvel. Check it out.

Thanks, MOC Pages!

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  1. Seriously! My jaws dropped so hard! 😀
    This should be submitted on LEGO Cuusoo… I’d buy this in a second if it was accepted as a kit! (www.lego.cuusoo.com)

  2. Great design & implementation, Only thing missing is the obnoxious cell phone eyesores in the crowd. For another great display check out the one for Lucas Oil Stadium, made with 30000+ pieces, go to Bing and put in Lego of Lucas Oil Stadium. Cool thing was the roof actually opened & closed. Crowd & football game in progress.

  3. But where are all the women? There are only four women in the pictures, all of them dressed in pink. One is having sex and the rest are in the choir. All the instrumentalists are men, as is the singer/main artist. As a female musician I am offended by this.

    • You are so right! It is funny, but it is a man’s thing again. Where are the female musicians, technicians and truckdrivers?

  4. So I guess the guy ‘making out’ with the girl by the semi will need a lego ‘hard on’ before too long, easy just plug it on! This is one of the best things I have seen for ages. I wish my tours were like this. Please no one give Stageco any more ideas!!!

  5. Lead vox prefers a stereo mix in the wedges and their vox and maybe bgv in their in-ear mons. Keyboard player is using in-ear monitors. Subs are incorporated in the line arrays or below the stage.


  6. Don’t know if its for sale, I ran across this just surfing stage stuff. I would buy the kit too…and doesn’t it look like a couple of stagehands smoking on a steam roller in pic 4? I think that’s what I see. lol

  7. WOW! Gotta love those nice line-arrays made of bricks! My 6-years-old son is often wondering what I do when I’am a tech. Now I can show him. Great work, really!

  8. This is the most amazing lego creation I have ever seen. Is there any way to get the parts list and instruction for building the stage itself. I don’t need the band and I know some of the parts are hand made but if I could get any information that would be awesome. Thank you.

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