The Daily Lamp – Dror Caspi and HELIA, Ardoma Design


These things are made of concrete.  Concrete shade-style fixtures…  the manufacturer includes two materials, concrete and metal fittings.  Let’s just say you’re ordering the extra-strength junction box and mount for this one.  There’s also a table lamp, which seems to lie on its side.

This is the work of Dror Caspi of Ardoma Concrete Creations — a designer who makes products out of what they call “the liquid stone.”

Dror Caspi’s “Helia” concrete pendant and table lamp (and that weird spikey nightmare ball thing)
Beautiful Helia

From Ardoma:

HELIA is a pendant and table light fixture made of concrete.
This design was inspired by the fascinating sunflower seed pattern of fibonacci spirals.
To create the unique mesh anatomy, simulating a weaving of the concrete, we had to develop a special concrete mix and a new casting method.
The resulting aesthetics, unusual in the use of concrete, creates a clean and elegant exterior surface and a hypnotic interior surface.
HELIA comes in light grey, dark grey, white, yellow, blue, and red concrete.

Materials: concrete, metal fittings
Bulb socket: G9/GU10/E27
Dimensions: Diameter-22cm, height- 18cm

I know this design is cool and making it from concrete is a statement and this design house’s medium, but I would feel like crap when I accidentally rolled this off the table and broke it, because it does not look cheap.

Check out Ardoma and the Helia collection — and some of the studio’s other projects are pretty cool.  Ova was pretty cool, as was Split.  Here’s Split, even though this is Helia’s party…

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