The Daily Lamp – RLON’s L3 Lamp


It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to look at non-entertainment fixtures, but I very much enjoyed finding this one!  Meet design firm RLON‘s newest addition to their very weird and creative offerings, the L3 lamp — RLON has replaced the idea of the light switch with a dimming, switching, magnetic-based control surface using what looks like a pinball ball!

Move the ball away from the ring, it’s off.
Place the ball inside the ring, full intensity — but you can scale the intensity with the dimmer located in the rear of the main structure.

Like all things this cool, it’s a steal at 1200 euro ($1437.33 USD as of 2 May 2018).  A steal.  Like, I can’t afford to have it unless I steal it.  I kid, of course.

From RLON’s product page for L3:

The desk lamp L3 is controlled just by placing a metal sphere in different magnetic fields on a black monolith, milled out of a solid surface material.
Representing the energy source of the system, the smooth and reflecting sphere with it’s confident weight, invites us to play with it and feel the gravity towards the center of the light ring.
Both illuminant and interface thereby become protagonists of a geometric staging. L3 tells a story of the journey to the center. Of oneness and separation. Of symmetry and tension.

RLON is Josua Putzke, Philipp Eibach and Nehemia Turban — nice work, fellas!

The L3 dimming:

The L3 switching:

Check out some more of the cool rich people stuff that RLON has to offer, it truly is pretty awesome.

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