Pissed Off Paul Anka Rants on His Crew and Band in the Mid-1980s After A Bad Show



Ready for something awesome?

“Do any of your checks bounce? Do you all get full value on your money? I want full value on your f*cking services. You have three days to get it together.”

You know what, if the guys were screwing up and I was paying the checks, I would probably feel the same way. Here’s Paul Anka reading his crew and band the riot act after a bad show in the 1980’s. You have to listen to this video and watch the images associated, this video has pretty funny images associated as Paul goes batshit angry.

From Wikipedia:

Sometime in the mid-1980s, Anka was secretly recorded while launching a tirade against his crew and band members, berating them for unprofessional behavior in the show they had just played. (Asked about it on the interview program Fresh Air, he referred to the person who did the recording as a “snake we later fired.”) The recording became widely known after being uploaded to the Internet, and a number of quotes from it have since become famous, including “The guys get shirts,” “Don’t make a maniac out of me,” and “Slice like a fucking hammer.” Some of the quotes were reproduced verbatim by Al Pacino’s character in the 2007 film Ocean’s Thirteen.

This is too awesome not to put myself right there in the room like a fly on the wall.

Here’s Paul Anka pitching a bitch:

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  1. LOL…he’s the only important one on that stage. What an *sshole. That’s just the way it is.

  2. I work in the “biz” and a good 45% of your stars treat their crews like shit as well as treating their “local crews” like shit also!

  3. When your crew makes a mistake, it is understanding how upsetting it is, especially since you are ‘center stage’ & wanting to deliver a flawless performance. Surely they are thankful for the opportunity to work doing the jobs they love. Perhaps you would expect to be treated the way you are treating them. Perfectionism does not warrant belittlement.

  4. This is nothing. There’s a recording out there with Buddy Rich getting on his band during a bus ride. He pulls the bus over and throws one of the musicians off, all the time yelling and cursing a blue streak. These guys are the stars and they pay for and deserve a band that can cut the gig.

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