At the Drive In Bodyslams a Sharpy at Splendour 2016

Way to go, hero! You tell that burdensome light who's the rockstar!

This last week has been kinda crazy with the artists doing stuff to production that we’d all prefer they not do — like Marilyn Manson getting all jiggy at FOH with his crew.

Here’s another great example of something that could have been a lot easier to do than destroy a piece of gear — here’s Cedric Bixler of At the Drive In about to bodyslam a Sharpy to the ground at the Splendour in the Grass Festival 2016.  Apparently it was shining in his eyes and he couldn’t be bothered to either A) notify stage management that the light was a problem, B) reach down and unplug it, or C) do something other than bounce that motherf**ker to the deck like a hero.  Way to go, At the Drive In!  We professionals are so impressed at your display of professionalism.  That kind of crap is not exactly what I would call a friend maker for the crew.

The Sharpy is fine from what I hear — a few hours chilling in Catering and some Klonopin for anxiety and it was back on the case for the second act.

Way to go, hero! You tell that burdensome light who’s the rockstar!

Some links for you to check out the noisy sounds of At the Drive In:

At the Drive In on Facebook:

Splendour in the Grass Festival Facebook:

Splendour in the Grass website:



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