I Want the SNL Closing Theme at My Funeral


So, you know that little ditty that the SNL band plays every closing of every show?  The amazing one, the blues-y/jazzy/epic, in-your-face, the-world-is-happy-and-no-matter-what-we’re-all-gonna-die closer that Lenny Pickett usually belts out on his tenor sax?  I want that song at my funeral.  I don’t want any other music, just that song, and the amazing live version of Auld Lang Syne that all of the jam bands play at midnight on New Years’ Eve.


Rick Hutton told me once — and keep in mind he used to light Clapton — that “if you can light a slow groovy blues tune, you can light a big, fast tune no problem.”  He’s totally right.

Do you have a playlist or three that you can whip out for those big epic audience-centric moments?

This is the best f*cking cut I have ever heard of the SNL closing theme — it’s called “A Waltz in A” and is usually improvised — I’m recommending you go ahead and crank this shit up in your office, in the shop, in the theatre, just make peoples’ days for a few minutes here:

Another amazing cut:

The quality of the actual cuts on this one blow, but the groove is so damned good I can barely stand it:

I hope you all enjoyed that as much as I did just now.

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