Are You Gonna Be A Glasshole?



As Google Glass comes (and maybe just goes), I am pretty excited to see how the Lighting and Entertainment Industry will glean onto this bit of robo-tech.  Part of me thinks that I could write some interfaces that might do things like give me a color temperature feedback or calculate HSV for me based on the overall color of one of the snapshots I grab from the Glass…

… but then there’s a part of me that wonders what happens when the drunken douchebaggery of being in the Entertainment Industry will kick in and push Google Glass to a secondary level of Creeper Hell.

Are you gonna be a Glasshole?  Let’s find out!

Thanks to Geeks are Sexy for the video!

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  1. I definitely see a lot of potential in Glass. Feedback current conditions is one of those possibilities. The other thing I’m looking forward too is deeper Android integration and app integration. I would love to load up a Glass version of Lightwright and have a heads-up of what electric I’m currently working on. Arrive at a light, call for the focus chart, then move on and have Glass mark the fixture as focused. Heck, with enough voice control and integration I could see calling out, “Ok, Glass. 1st Electric, Unit 1. Focus.” then see the chart, color info, and have it bring up the light by hooking into the aRFR (or whatever console control app you might have). After focus, “Ok, Glass. Next.” and it makes it off and steps up one fixture.

    Though the potential for glassholery is pretty high, I feel like we’ll mostly avoid it. Even with cell-phones we’ve road the curve up to douche then back down again. Really though, I think it would be lest distracting/rude to glance up and see if an email is important instead of digging my cellphone out. That is also one of the reasons I think smartwatches are so appealing.

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