Late Night Awesome, Pigment Porn Edition – SMEAR THE SKY

    Stippling the Sky

    We’re about to see something awesome together – these are the paintings of Matt Malloy, and what Matt does that makes his work so absolutely freaking captivating is that he takes a couple hundred time lapsed photos and stacks them in order to create some stunning visuals.

    If that was a run-on sentence, it was totally worth it.  Check this out, because if pigment had pigment porn among its fellow pigments and hues, this would be some crazy hardcore stuff.


    From Matt’s My Modern Shop portfolio, more directly the Blazing Sunset page:

    Matt Molloy is a 28-year-old photographer with a diploma in graphic design. The three things he loves the most are art, music and travel. “When I got my first camera, photography was a simple way to document the highlights of my life, but that quickly evolved into an everyday hobby. Discovering new methods and techniques along the way kept it exciting, but the one that really stuck is timelapse photography. It’s amazing to have the ability to see a different perspective of time, how things change and evolve. Just recently, I discovered a technique that allows me to express timelapse and movement in a still frame, merging multiple photos into one image. Part of the fun is that you never know what your going to get until it’s processed.”









    If you’d rather view the images as a full-scale gallery, click on any image below to start!

    HUGE thanks to Matt AND My Modern Met for this, these photos have completely changed my day.  I hope they change yours!

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