The Daily Lamp – Flank Light, from Sonja Tonev (Which is AWESOME)



Today’s Daily Lamp is absolutely excellent; I was pretty excited to look into its background, design, and ideas!  Sonja Tonev, a Serbian designer, has created an atypical lamp form that works in any configuration you can imagine, including hanging it from something.  Or standing it on its side or end.  Or laying it horizontally.

You get the idea.

From Sonja’s Archinect page on Flank Light:

I came up with an idea of lamp’s shape while I was exploring different linear forms. I discovered an applicable form for a multi functional lamp which can primary be used as a floor lamp, but also as a pendant.

The Flank lamp allows consumers to place it on the floor both horizontally or vertically. It is stable in any position because of it’s simple shape. Such shape lets consumers manipulate visual perspectives by changing their view angle of the lamp.

The lamp is made by bending a steel tube at particular angles and by placing two neon lights on the inner side. On the ends of each neon there are special “push” systems placed inside the tube which make it easy to replace the neons. There is a weight inside the tube, located at the curve from which the cable is coming out. This way the stability of the lamp is improved when standing vertically.

Sexy!  I’m a fan of the bi-directionally focused light sources — a true 90+ degree spread!





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