Help Support Noah Craft for Philips’ Light World Tour!


Folks, I don’t know if you remember Noah Craft, one of the eternal members of The Duluth Crew, who put out this video for the Fall 2010 Scholarship Contest:

Noah is currently in the top ten for Philips’ Light World Tour contest, and he’s in ninth place.  He needs our help! supports Noah Craft in the contest, and if you haven’t voted yet, I urge you to vote for Noah!

From the Philips Light World Tour website:

London, Dubai, New York, Shanghai, Singapore, Amsterdam… amazing destinations await.

Do you love to talk about light?  Drawing on the inspiration of the surroundings, one lucky lighting professional will hit the road, travel to the lighting hotspots of the world and take the rest of us along for the ride. You’ll be travelling and staying in a dozen or so cities over three months, seeing all the local sights, dropping in on events and hitting up the best that each city has offer in light. You’ll be totally immersed. And you’ll keep the rest of us biting our nails with plenty of videos and pictures of your adventures on the blog.

When you’re on Noah’s Light World Tour page, click on any of the voting methods and support Noah Craft for the Philips Light World Tour!  RSS feed readers ALONE, you could help Noah win this thing!

Good luck dude!  If you win, you better rock the *** out of it!  We’re rooting for you!

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