JimOnLight.com Scholarship Contest Entries – WATCH and VOTE NOW!


Ladies and Gentlemen, the JimOnLight.com Fall Scholarship Contest entry period has ended, and we have had excellent entries.  Excellent!  So much, in fact, that I have decided to post all of them for your voting and enjoyment!

These people have taken it upon themselves to tell you, the world, about what they love about light.  I am honored, excited, and overjoyed for you to see these entries.

First up:  Johanna-Mai Vihalem’s love of light.  Go, Johanna!

Now, Daphne Mir tells the world about her rise to rockstar lighting designer. Go, Daphne!

Jeff Handke, tell us what you love about light. GO!

It’s time for the men of The Duluth Crew to tell us why they love light. DO IT!

Drew Carter, it’s time to SHOW THE WORLD WHAT YOU GOT!

Nik Robalino, tell the world what you LOVE about LIGHT!

Last but not least, Zack Weigand shows the world what he loves about light. GO ZACK!

Okay internet – your turn.  In ONE WEEK from tomorrow, on FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 2010 by MIDNIGHT, a winner will be delcared, and their video posted on JimOnLight.com for all the world to see in its own post on Monday, September 27.  Contest participants, this is your time to tell the world to come and vote on your contest entry.

GET BUSY! Tell the world about your video!  Tell them to come here and vote!

VOTING: Everyone gets a vote, just choose from the list below.  RSS readers, come on over to the site and cast your vote for your favorite video!

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.

Let’s change the future by giving students worldwide the drive to become the next industry rockstars!

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  1. Johanna!!

    I spent all of this past year working on various theatre projects with Johanna until she recently moved to Paris. I can say from first-hand experience that she is one of the most dedicated and unique lighting talents that you will ever find.

  2. I met her three years ago at lighting trade show she was asking info about Colourchangers and lighting and look like. The passion is still there …. good luck 🙂

  3. I LOVE Johanna-Mai’s spirit and adventurous heart. She is truly in LOVE with her art.
    Her decision to video herself while walking home and utilizing the natural lighting of the streets that inspire her was awesome. When I watch it I feel as if I am walking with her, sharing her excitement and passion for her true LOVE, theatre lighting. Very inspiring.

  4. Jim, this was a great idea! It was also a source of great amusement.

    Here’s how I brake it down. Johanna had some nice thoughts, but I just couldn’t watch the whole video, the “Blaire Witch Project” camera style threatened to make me seasick. Jeff’s video was just not particularly memorable to me. Then there is Daphne, she takes my vote, if she is the future of the design industry, life will be exciting. While I liked the concept behind Team Duluth, I wasn’t captivated, and at first I thought the video was broken… Cheers though, maybe if they sent me a bribe (I like Scotch), they could have a vote. Props to Drew to making a parody of Daphne, but that was the best part of the video. I thought Nik’s video was great, love the intro dolly shot, and the whole thing made me laugh. I just don’t get Zack’s video.

    Good luck to all of you, I am sure that whoever wins the prize will deserve it.

  5. Soooo….it is a pity that it won’t have formal judging as originally stated on the website, it looks really like more of a popularity contest. I liked Team Duluth for content, not very original and the lighting was bad. Daphne’s was cute though a little too long and too many things rather than one cohesive concept. I also couldn’t get through Johanna’s, the whole hand held camera thing with crappy lighting didn’t do it for me though her passion shines through, I thought overall Nik’s was the best lit, and cleverest concept, that one has my vote. The guy in a bra and the guy in blue were ok but the video’s were ho hum.

      • It is formal voting…it isn’t formal JUDGING. From your original page when you posted these, you were going to judge and do the award. That’s what I remember anyway. I could be wrong.

        • Allison does have a point. The original post did sound like it would be judged, but this is also a great way to expand the JimOnLight community. Overall it’s Jim’s call. I’m unbelievably thankful for the opportunity and glad to have leapt at the chance regardless of how it’s determined! Also again thanks a ton to Jim, 4Wall, Smart Ass Fox, Sea Changer, and Zero 88 for making this scholarship contest so exciting!

          • Ok…so to make a point on fairness…to judge fairly, you have to see all 7 videos. Currently there are 1,139 votes on 7 different videos. If you add up the views for each video, they add up to 3,218 not 7,973. Obviously, not all those voters watched all 7 videos to judge them fairly…good chance most of the votes were from friends. Totally fine I think, except it makes it a popularity contest, not a “who has the best video” contest. That’s all I’m sayin. I think you and the rest of the donors of the prize money ought to say who gets it.

  6. Aluminum Foil: $5. Sequin Bikini: $50. Getting a tan with Lighting Fixtures: Priceless!
    Daphne shines in the spotlight or working behind a spotlight!

  7. I have an idea about the judging/voting maybe you all will like. There could be two kinds of winning videos: 1) The videos judged to be the best by the generous companies and people offering the amazing prizes; and 2) A video as the “People’s Choice Award” that has won the popular vote. I think this is a fair solution based on the initial contest rules as well as taking into consideration the opinions of all the voters even though most didn’t watch all of the videos to make a fair comparison.

    Thanks again to Jim and the sponsors for believing in us LXers of the future!

      • I like that idea too. Well, and in the end Jim, whatever happens, you made the world better for lighting students and that was the point (never forget that no good deed goes unpunished :)) and no matter what you rock and we love you.

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