Vicki DaSilva’s REVERB – Able Fine Art, New York City Until August 30


Do you all know who Vicki DaSilva is?  I’ve written about Vicki a few times, she is a stellar and quite lovely light artist out of the NYC area.

Vicki’s got a new show open right now at the Able Fine Art Studios in NYC – a combination of light, commentary, and message, all mixed into a series of photographs called Reverb.  Vicki’s work has many layers, sometimes sweeping breaths of light that are guided by Vicki’s steady hand onto the photograph, sometimes quickly scribed words etched into the night air.  I love painting with light, it is such a process, like stone carving – except within the rigid structure of the stone, you must carve accurately with your light chisel in the darkness, leaving behind only that which will sustain – the mark of light.

Reverb has some pretty excellent works in it – I’m not gonna spoil it for you, but there are a few of my favorites…

Never Sorry – for Ai Weiwei:

Slalom #1:

If you’re in NYC, go check out Vicki DaSilva’s Reverb.  It’s at Able Fine Art until August 30, 2011.  Go support light art!

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