Vicki Dasilva’s Light Art


I’ve been reading a lot about light art and graffiti lighting after I posted about the subject last week.  In a move of sheer brilliance, The Fates had Vicki Dasilva email me a few days ago – Vicki is a pioneer in the light graffiti/light art realm.  If you have never seen static artworks done with long exposure photography and illumination, then you need to see Vicki’s work.


Vicki Dasilva creates an artistic brain trip – she gets to paint with light, creating tangible from the intangible, and all the while capturing the light dance in photographs.  Vicki’s work ranges from free form hand held work to mechanically contrived lines and patterns made of light.  Her work reminds me of a hybrid between Piet Mondrian and Jean Michele Basquiat – grand and stately at times, live and controlled chaos other times, but always sophisticated.

The fascinating thing about Vicki’s work and light art in general is that the process is really truly that – a process.  The finished work appears in one moment, and not until then.  We only get to see what the process has yielded.  Vicki was interviewed in an article at Format Magazine – check it out.  A quote below from the article:

“While in art school I became fascinated with time exposure photography at night as a way of creating images that involved principles of drawing, painting, sculpture, performance and installation. The work exists, as you point out, through the documentation process of photography.”

Check out a few more of Vicki Dasilva’s works.  Vicki, I love your art.  Check out Vicki Dasilva’s website.





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  1. Wow. I hadn’t seen any of Vicki’s new work and I am just AMAZED at how rich, complex and beautiful it is! I am familiar with her earlier stuff – but dare I say it? The new work is light years (!) away! Bravo, Vicki, and thanks Jim for featuring it.

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