I Knew If I Dreamed Long Enough, Solar Bikinis Would Be Born


Custom clothing maker Solar Coterie is now taking orders for a line of custom solar bikinis.  That’s right ladies, not only can you be hot, but you can also use your hotness to generate and collect small amounts of energy powerful enough to sustain your iPhone or iPod while you’re out there making us all talk like a bunch of bumbling idiots.  Here, let me show you what I mean:

Ok.  So there we go.  A suit made of solar thinfilm, terminating into a female USB connector allowing you to juice up that iDevice in the summer, or anywhere that the sun is shining that you won’t freeze your dumps off.  My only question is – if you’ve ever felt a solar collecting fil;m while it’s collecting, they do tend to get pretty hot to the touch.  Is the Solar Bikini going to get ridiculously hot while the wearer is sporting it?

Now I gotta believe the men’s version of this is coming, too.  A little less appealing is the only thing I can say about using my own junk to power my iPod.

Thanks, CleanTechnica!

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