July 2010’s Top Ten Posts on JimOnLight.com


    I haven’t checked out the most popular page metrics in a while, and I’ve been missing looking at all of the really detailed analysis of the site.  I always find what people like the most very interesting from what I post on the site – it’s insight into all of you!  The JimOnLight.com Community FREAKING ROCKS!

    July 2010’s Top Ten Posts:

    1. What Crackhead Steals a School’s Solar Panels for Crack?
    2. A Tour of ETC’s Factory in Middleton, Wisconsin
    3. DIY Globe Cluster Chandelier Fixtures
    4. Mike Zinman’s “PORTFOLIO” for iPhone
    5. Protesters, Leave the Location Crews Alone!
    6. JimOnLight.com Covers ETC’s Dealer/Rep Summer Camp
    7. the “next page” link of JimOnLight.com!
    8. the JimOnLight.com Resources page!
    9. JimOnLight.com’s Recommended Reading store!
    10. Pablo Picasso, The Light Painting Artist

    Thank you for every word of mine you read.  I write for you all!

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