PROTESTERS: Leave The Location Crews Alone


Have you seen this video?

The video above is of some protesters assaulting a location crew outside of the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood.  To be completely honest, I don’t want to give these douchebags the press, but this is ridiculous.  This bunch of idiots claims that the location crew was shining their “hot lights” on the protesters.  Are these people really that stupid?  Why do I have a hard time accepting that there are people THIS STUPID out there?

Frankly, I think they are fortunate that these guys’ crew brothers didn’t level their rude protesting asses for screwing with gear and people trying to do their jobs.  Maybe instead of a t-shirt that says “Intolerance is a Beautiful Thing,” Fatty Mc-Hasn’t-Seen-His-Penis-In-Years should practice some intelligence.

Wow, that made me really angry.  Have you been in a situation like this ever?

I think Ghandi said it best:

“I like your Christ, but I don’t like your Christians.  Your Christians are very unlike your Christ.”

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  1. I’ve done some more reading on this. Apparently the teenager stood still on front of the light for 15 minutes before he “escaped untoasted.” If he felt it was so bad why just stand there. The crew is there to do their job, say out of their way and for god’s sake don’t touch the damn lights!

  2. I love how they were being “attacked” by the light but if they simply moved a few yards left or right they would have been fine…It looks like one of the crew was also recording the whole thing on his iPhone…I would love to see what they situation actually was…regardless sounds like they just wanted to cause a scene so they could act like they were being persecuted… Hope the guy had a fun night in county.

  3. Wow. SImply wow. This is why I am glad I grew up in a liberal open minded environment. Some people are just so ignorant and thick skulled it is fascinating.

  4. Wow, that’s insane.

    I don’t want to link to it, but if you look in the You Tube description you can find a link to a blog account of this insane incident by one of the christian anti-abortion protesters. There, they say, “a bracelet he was wearing and his sign were partially melted, although he escaped uncooked. [by the light]”. I want one of these new demonstrator-cooking death rays!

    Glad you posted this, keep up the great work!


  5. I know the feeling of being heckled and nearly assaulted on the way into a show. Especially major shows like the Olympics at least once everyday i was yelled at, called names and told i was un-Canadian by working on the largest theatrical show Vancouver has ever put on. It sucked. To me it was another day at the office, to them, well it was something else.

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