What? Crackhead Steals A School’s Solar Panels For Crack




I just read a story about some 32 year old ass-hat who stole about $50,000 in solar panels from a school’s rooftop to buy some kind of drugs – this guy stole the panels and hid them in a storage unit, along with a bunch of cold weather gear stolen from a non-profit organization that helps military veterans.  Oh yeah, he had some stolen lawn care equipment and bicycles, too.  What a winner.

This story is actually pretty ridiculous – and just goes to show that people who are not smart enough to avoid being caught for stuff this stupid should not do things for which they will get caught.  This moron, from jail while awaiting a felony drug charge, called his friend and asked him to get rid of the solar panels from the storage unit.  Police were monitoring the call, and sent some officers to the unit where they discovered 17 of the stolen panels and other stolen merchandise.

This guy’s lawyer said “What was found in the storage shed, his behavior, is indicative of a drug addict going on a run.”  Yeah?  Well, tough crap, d-bag.  That’s what you get for stealing a school’s solar panels.

Thanks, Consumer Energy Report!

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