Phillips Lighting – “Sense and Simplicity”


Royal Phillips (you know, Phillips – the company that makes lamps) has a bunch of new technologies geared towards green living, “simplicity,” and sustainability.  Inspired by a post at Inhabitat about Phillips’ Interactive LED Light Bulb, I started researching their new line of “Simplicity” branded stuff.  I must say, holy crap.  The basis for their new technology is making the alteration of lighting levels in your house as easy as the flick of a hand or simple gestures.

First, check out the isocahedron shaped Simplicity LED lamps:

This is hand-controlled.  It senses movement.

I also found this video of the SImplicity Demo Event in NYC:

The whole mantry around the Simplicity technology and products is that they’re engineered and designed around you, easy to operate, and advanced.  I’m impressed.

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