BARCO Brings Freddie Mercury “Back to Life”


A press release at BARCO talks about Paul Rodgers and Queen’s latest tour, “The Cosmos Rocks.”  Why is this a big deal?  I asked myself the same question until I read about the OLITE 612 LED display that’s on this show.  From BARCO’s product page:

The new OLite 612 has a pixel pitch of 12mm and has increased brightness output of 6000Nits. It also incorporates a revolutionary new shader design which vastly improves the black levels of the display especially in broad daylight. When combined with the increased brightness, the OLite 612 delivers vastly improved contrast levels.

Ok, great.  So?

Well, the “so” in this part of the conversation comes from how much detail the OLITE screen emits, being as though it was designed for IMAG (that’s Image Magnification, or a person on a screen behind a person on stage to the layperson).  It’s bright (6KNits), it’s huge, and has lots of processing power.

“The Cosmos Rocks” tour has been designed by reknown design firm, Stufish, out of London.  You might know Stufish’s work if you’ve ever been to a Pink Floyd concert in the last decade or so.  They do huge, amazing, and beautiful work – for just about everybody it seems – at one point or another.  Janet Jackson, The Stones, Pink Floyd, Juanes, lots of stuff for MTV, grand architectural openings, etc.  From the article:

The stage set for the tour was created by renowned design company Stufish, who has created stage designs for Pink Floyd, U2, The Rolling Stones and many others. The giant backdrop screen, which forms the key visual element to the show, measures 17m wide and 5m high and contains 2,500 OLite 612 LED modules.

“Barco’s OLite 612 fitted our design perfectly”, explains Mark Fisher, Managing Director at Stufish. “We wanted to present the audience with a spectacular video and light experience befitting a band of this statue. OLite’s modularity once again enabled us to create something very special with a unique mix of video and lighting effects.”

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