The Daily Lamp: The Little Bunny Foo-Foo Lamp, Lighting Up the Forest from SuckUK



Albeit a bit late in the day for the Daily Lamp, this day’s specimen is an absolutely gag-me-with-a-spoon adorable lamp that takes the bunny (you know, the good ol’ bunny) and adds the element of what some of my touring friends call The Backwards Rudolph.  I guess you’ll have to ask my good pal Kevin Parsley about that…  (I MISS YOU KP!  CALL ME!)

The Bunny Light, from awesome makers SuckUK, is a bunny with a Rudolph tail — the product’s designer is Aaron Norman.  That means the rabbit’s butt lights up.  It’s adorable.  it’s also sixty pounds!  If you’re doing the conversion from UK Pounds to American Dollars, it’s about $17,223 for this lamp.  Or, if you subtract the comedy subroutine, it’s about $100 USD.  Still, it’s freaking adorable enough that I would keep one right on the entrance to the loo!  I like it!

You want a Bunny Light?  Get yours here!






From the makers:

Porcelain white rabbit with a light-up tail
Super adorable bunny with a light-bulb where his fluffy tail should be. We don’t have to explain any more than that, he’s irresistible, and a little surreal. Face in different directions to adjust the amount of light directed into a dark room. The light stays cool to the touch and is made up of energy efficient LEDs. Powered via USB, so it will work with your existing phone or camera charger plug. We also include a UK mains USB adaptor in the box.
Design by Aaron Norman

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