Lego Lighting Design: Foster the People


Sometimes people laugh and tease, “Daphne what have you NOT thought about lighting?” Well, I admit, I there is something… It never occurred to me I could be a concert lighting designer for Legos before. And having seen this video, I have no idea why not!  Dylan Woodley, the 17-year-old creator of this video made a spectacular concert lighting design for this stop motion lego phenomenon:

I especially love all of the references to the original music video’s lighting design. Dylan used lighting fixtures as visible set pieces like in the original video, starting from the first moment when drum hits and back light bumps align. He also references more subtle uses of lighting in the film below, particularly color. In the band’s music video, when the performance faces an audience for the first time, blues and purples are added to the lighting palette. Dylan also added a similar color scheme to the band’s lighting around 1 minute 30 seconds.  Check out the original music video below:

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  1. Zach Matusow, lighting designer for Foster the People here. I too had a similar reaction to this video, though it was particularly peculiar to me after seeing the band perform under my lighting on 300+ shows.

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