Which Trade Shows Have You Done This Season?


I do a hell of a lot of trade shows, as you all know already because mostly I see a lot of you there, and I’m curious as to what the readers of JimOnLight.com do in your respective individual trade show seasons.  I’d love to know, so if’n you don’t mind, would you leave a comment on this post and let me know?  I’ll love you fo sho!

So far this year for me:

The Special Event 2012, Tampa
ProLight and Sound 2012, Frankfurt
the National Association of Broadcasters Show (NAB) 2012, Las Vegas
PLASA Focus 2012, Austin
PLASA Focus 2012, Nashville
PLASA 2012, London

Shows coming up for me:
LDI 2012, Las Vegas
EIBTM 2012, Barcelona
PLASA Focus 2012, Stamford

Howzabout you?  Leave a comment below!


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  1. Not everyone can be so lucky. Between my employers being unwilling to fund a trip to a trade show and the usual lack of personal time/money due to working I have never had the opportunity. This is true for most of my friends in the biz as well, as we would all love to have a chance to visit one its just simply not in the cards for most people. The only people I have known personally to go are those that are self employed with the right planning and those high enough up in their company that they can take themselves as a treat and mini vacation and not bring any new materials or information back from the events to their employees.

    I apologize for the negative tone, its just that I am pretty sure the number of people wanting to go to ANY of these events greatly outnumbers those that actually can and do go. I would be highly in favor of programs or contests from any of these organizations that would allow those of us with fewer options a “free ride” to one of these shows.

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