Thanks, Joe Bonamassa, Now I Have to Clean My Face Off the Wall


Oh my. This guy is electricity.

I’m a big fan of the blues, I’ve always wanted to hop onboard with a blues or jam band and light the living bejesus out of their show.  My very close friend Kat Dicken turned me onto this guy Joe Bonamassa this weekend, and I have to say I have listened to nothing but since Saturday night.  Hey Joe, need a lighting designer?  You, my friend, blew my brain all over my apartment with this song last night, just FYI:

Stop!” at the Royal Albert Hall:

and then of course there’s this giant tune, “The Ballad of John Henry,” also at the Royal Albert Hall:

Oof.  Wow.  I needed this music so bad, what a passionate player!  Have an amazing day, everybody!  I hope this is as inspiring to you all as it is to me!

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