Roomba Light Painting – These Little Buggers are AWESOME!


Have you seen any of the imagery made by using Roombas to paint with light in a long exposure?  They are some of the neatest pictures I’ve seen – they’re just so random, so interesting – my brain tries to see image groups in them, just like watching clouds.  I saw this on DesignBoom, make sure to check out the article!

Check out a few of the images from the article – so beautiful!

Consider me inspired.

Thanks, IBRoomba!

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  1. Jim, I saw where Camron had posted the link to this page this morning… checking from my phone didn’t see it was on your site. Very cool. Want to give credit where it’s due.

    I said due.

    • HOLY CRAP! I totally forgot to put that in there!!!
      Thanks for the heads up, I ALWAYS quote my sources! 🙂

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