Wow, That’s An UNSMASHABLE AMOLED Display!


Ok, whoa.  Check out this video first – whoever that is in the video just put a mallet to that AMOLED display!

That’s Samsung’s AMOLED display – the one being shown there is their prototype.  It’s 2.8 inches, has a resolution of 166ppi, weighs a shade under 0.29g, and is 20 microns thin.  Holy crap, Samsung!  Apparently it’s smashproof, and you can bend it without seeing any display change.

AMOLEDs are pretty interesting – AMOLED means active matrix organic light emitting diode.  From my favorite OLED news site, OLED-INFO:

Active matrix (AM) OLED displays stack cathode, organic, and anode layers on top of another layer – or substrate – that contains circuitry. The pixels are defined by the deposition of the organic material in a continuous, discrete “dot” pattern. Each pixel is activated directly: A corresponding circuit delivers voltage to the cathode and anode materials, stimulating the middle organic layer. AM OLED pixels turn on and off more than three times faster than the speed of conventional motion picture film – making these displays ideal for fluid, full-motion video.

This type of stacking of the molecules creates something that is actually pretty impressive – a display that has a higher perceived luminance (meaning it does actually appear brighter) compared to current technology, and the viewing angle is WAY better than current gear.

Check out this video on Samsung’s Super AMOLED – it’s a GREAT explanation on the topic!

Thanks, OLED-INFO!

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