Michael Tsinzovsky’s “Little Night Lamp for Sderot”


I just came across this interesting political statement from designer Michael Tsinzovsky – it’s called the Little Night Lamp for Sderot.


An interesting political statement product design, indeed.  The luminaire is a commentary on the city of Sderot, Israel, which has been under constant Qassam rocket attacks since October 2000.  Tsinzovsky created this lamp from actual bomb shelter parts – note the light switch – and created a beautiful relief of a lamp.

Some information on the city of Sderot – after reading about the city, the lamp made more sense to me.  From Wikipedia:

Sderot lies one kilometer from the Gaza Strip and town of Beit Hanoun. Since the beginning of the Second Intifada in October 2000, the city has been under constant rocket fire from Qassam rockets launched by Hamas and Islamic Jihad.[9] Sderot’s population density is slightly greater than that of the Gaza Strip. Due to this, and despite the imperfect aim of these homemade projectiles, they have caused deaths and injuries, as well as significant damage to homes and property, psychological distress and emigration from the city. The Israeli government has installed a “Red Color” (צבע אדום) alarm system to warn citizens of impending rocket attacks, although its effectiveness has been questioned. Citizens only have 15 seconds to reach shelter after the sounding of the alarm. Thousands of Qassam rockets have been launched since Israel’s disengagement from the Gaza Strip in September 2005.

In May 2007, a significant increase in shelling from Gaza prompted the temporary evacuation of thousands of residents.[10] By November 23, 2007, 6,311 rockets had fallen on the city.[11] Yediot Ahronoth reported that during the summer of 2007, 3,000 of the city’s 22,000 residents (comprised mostly of the city’s key upper and middle class residents) left for other areas, out of Qassam rocket range. Arcadi Gaydamak has in recent years supported relief programs for residents who cannot leave.[12] On December 12, 2007, after more than 20 rockets landed in the Sderot area in a single day, including a direct hit to one of the main avenues, Sderot mayor Eli Moyal announced his resignation, citing the government’s failure to halt the rocket attacks.[13] Moyal was persuaded to retract his resignation.

People living in fear every day sucks no matter which side you believe.




Thanks, Yanko!

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