PRG’s Having A Sale on High End Systems Gear!


Hey kids – Production Resource Group is having a sale on some used High End Systems Studio Color 575’s, CMY Studio Spot 575s, and my favorite, the Studio Beam!  The Beams are going for $1,100, the CMY Spots are going for $2,000, and the Studio Color 575’s are going for $1,300.  It’s like a lighting garage sale!  Except I’ve never seen moving lighting at a garage sale, usually things like Narraganset Beer light-up signs and lava lamps.

They’re also selling some truss – varieties of box truss, various lengths and sizes.

Here’s some video of the fixtures:

For information on this lighting garage sale, get a hold of Gabriel Rodrigues – or 702-942-4803.

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  1. Let them buy some advertising but don’t sell out. This is a waste of some what has been very good blog space.

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