I am SO back.



    Good morning everyone!

    It has been one crazy week that kicked my lighting designing butt:

    • I spent a whole bunch of time outside in the cold last week for an outdoor lighting project in a town called Nynäshamn
    • I made an awesome Fall cold even worse by above said lighting project
    • I was on a team that made a very cool outdoor lighting installation
    • I discovered that wine-in-a-box in Sweden is actually not half bad
    • I made some huge decisions (and no, I am not changing my name to Mac Daddy LD)
    • I got an awesome care package from my wife with GOOD coffee, candy, and BEEF JERKY (et al)
    • I got registered for LDI 2009

    Sorry for the delay in posts – I needed a day to regroup!  I hope you have a fantastic day!

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