Grid Parity for Solar in the UK… in 2013?


A company called Solarcentury has written a report that says the UK will have solar grid parity by 2013, because PVs will be cheaper than fossil fuel.  Given the rate of growth of PV collection power in the last six months, I think nothing is impossible – but they are strong words.

The report says that consumers, not commercial markets, will be at the parity mark in 2013 – commercial will hit in 2018.  An article at the Guardian also says that the consumer price for PV will be around 17p-18p per unit.  This is about 7-8p than is being paid now according to my research on London’s average price.  Londoners, what are you paying per unit for electricity?

The article from the Sustainablog is pretty great, and the report is worth reading.  Get the report here from Solarcentury (PDF link).

Also, I found a cool little video on photovoltaics via Solarcentury’s youtube channel – worth a look-see!

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