Fukushima, the Continued Nightmare — Get Ready to Freak the F*ck Out



Some readers wonder why I find these kinds of stories important.  I normally don’t answer those kinds of emails because I cannot ever think of something to say that doesn’t typically start with what in the world makes you think the continued poisoning of our planet to make light is not somehow important?! so I usually just don’t answer back.

Ah, well.  Everyone has their priorities, right?

Check out this VICE News documentary on the current nightmare fuel taking place right now at Fukushima Daiici power plant in Japan.  Holy shit.

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  1. Yeah, this has been fucked up since day one, but when the truth really is revealed it will be too late. Enjoy that whole eating fish thing while you can.

  2. It’s difficult to believe that this discredited company is being allowed to clean up this nuclear disaster without more supervision. Their screw-ups imperil us even more.

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