Qnuru Solar Landscape Lighting


I have my friend Anjeanette (b-b-b-benny anjeanette) to thank for this discovery – Qnuru Landscape Lighting.  Qnuru is Tom Joyce’s baby – Tom’s got a pretty thick resume with credits as a 2003 Macarthur Foundation fellowship, gifts to Kofi Annan, a PBS documentary, and exdibitions from Moscow to Boston.  Tom is a blacksmith, artist, and designer.

Now, the Qnuru line:





From top to bottom – the Aquila (pole style solar lamp), the Cumuli (suspended cloud-ish free-hanging fixture), the Talus (square ground level solar light), and the Turnabout (two-hemisphere ground level solar light).  There are two other models not pictured here, but found on Tom’s Qnuru Solar website.  Tom’s designs maximize illumination using LED engines and quality design to minimize internal reflection while masking the multi-crystalline PV collector from sight.  And they’re good looking, too!

q5 q6

Thanks, Anj!

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