Revolving Chandelier


Whoa.  This reminds me of that little Christmas ornament my (and perhaps your) parents had – candles created heat that spun a little metal fan that would make little angels sing.  In this case, however, the little metal angels are four transparent spinning diffusers:

From Studio Bertjan Pot:

The revolving chandelier has four half reflective, half transparent light-shades. The light-shades are shaped like a propellor and balance on a small steel tip. The rising air, heated by the three halogen bulbs makes all four light-shades rotate. The idea of heat making a light-shade rotate is nothing new of course..many of you probably had a bed light when you were young with a small rotating landscape scene. One day in the near future halogen lights will probably be banned. I still don’t know if this is good or bad. Up untill now there still is no good energy efficient full-spectrum replacement for the halogen bulbs. In the case of the revolving chandelier, at least the excess energy (heat in stead of light) is used to do something extra for the light..making it revolve silently and make the whole light twinkle like an oldfashoined chandelier. The revolving chandelier is produced in a limited edition of 12. It will be shown at the wonderful shop of Rossana Orlandi in Milan, during the Salone 2009.

FYI – there are 12 of these in this run.  So, that being said, if you want one, you better get your rear to the Milan Salone 2009.  12, now – so don’t mess around!





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