Blight, by Vincent Gerkens



Vincent Gerkens’ Blight is a solar-collecting and alternate energy using illumination system – during the day it collects sunlight, and when you need the light, you get it from the stored solar energy in your home.  Blight is using electroluminescent foil for illumination, which is very thin and needs little power, and thin film PVs for solar collection.

Blight is in the running with other design projects in the Core 77 Design Competition – check it out.  Lots of good stuff.



Thanks, Inhabitat and DVICE!

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  1. This idea has been around for ages. Although its a ‘nice’ idea the best place for a solar panel is on the roof and tracking the sun.

  2. Hello,
    Bravo for your Blight, where it would be possible to find one of your distributor of this product?
    Is it possible to adapt its dimensions?
    What are technical characteristic and of electric power?
    Thank you for your reading and future answer.
    Kind regards, Marc

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