Blinking an LED with an Arduino


Do you know what an arduino is?  Arduino is a simple controller used to create interactive environments and devices – it’s open source, very easily programmable , and used in a ton of applications – I’ve seen everything from using an arduino in a Valentine’s Day display (video below) to a simple temperature sensor.

Arduinos are a pretty interesting part of the Make philosphy, which spotlights building and creating/inventing things and gadgets to do things for you – and just to create something pretty awesome, most of the time.  I love one of the phrases that “Makers” say:  If you can’t open it, you don’t own it. Great philosphy!  Hack it, make it your own, that’s what I say!  There is a ton of arduino support online.

Make posted a video on Youtube about using an arduino for a project of making an LED blink.  There’s some programming, some set up, and a whole lot of showing how easy this stuff is.  Check out the video below – and below that is the video on making the Valentines’ Day project.

You know what kind of a jerkface I am?  I bought tickets to go out with my buddies to The Disco Biscuits on Valentines’ Day without even thinking about it.  I’m sorry, honey.  Sometimes I don’t think! 🙂

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