LAMB OF GOD’s Gear Truck Took A Tumble


GAH!  Metal band Lamb of God experienced some crap on February 7, 2016 when their gear truck flipped over on I-37 in Texas.  Apparently the highway was closed for several hours while the gear was collected and taken off the roadway.  No one knows the reason, but their gear took a hit, which sucks.  Lamb of God’s tour is almost finished, too, which double sucks!


I have been reading articles about this accident and how everyone is making a HUGE deal out of it.  People who are NOT in the industry — it’s more than likely that there was insurance on every single piece of that gear, and it will be replaced really quickly.  Perhaps if there were some instruments in that truck that were damages that’s gonna be a shame, but you can rest assured that the band will keep kicking your ass and they’ll have new gear.

Reports are conflicting about what happened to the driver, but decidedly he is A-OK and alive.  A few say that he broke an arm and had a few cuts and bruises, other reports say no injuries at all, which would obviously be ideal.

Some images of the accident, it’s kinda just a truck flipped over, but it’s history.  We’re glad to hear everyone is OK, and Lamb of God is finishing their dates with Anthrax, Deafheaven, and Power Trip.

Some images, mostly from guitar player Mark Morton, but also a few from tour manager Darren Sanders.




ALL RIGHTS @ D. Randall Blythe
ALL RIGHTS @ D. Randall Blythe
ALL RIGHTS @ D. Randall Blythe
ALL RIGHTS @ D. Randall Blythe

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