Findley Quaye Kicked Off the Stage at the Convent for “Polluting the Venue with Bullshit”



    In a pretty awesome speech given by promoter Matt Roberts of The Convent Club, Findley Quaye was told to take his shitty music and go home.  At least the shitty music he and his boys were playing at The Convent Club. After a crappy 30-minute set, the promoter came out and cancelled the garbage.  Watch this:

    This shit is awesome. Matt Roberts, good on you for putting an end to the garbage that Findley Quaye was throwing down. That is unacceptable performance for people paying, and we salute you for having the testicular fortitude to put an end to it. Here’s the text of what Matt said at his club after putting the kaibash on Findley Quaye…

    Matt Roberts:

    “I am so sorry guys, I’ve worked in the industry 28 years, I have a reputation.  And the reputation — as small as it is — but when somebody doesn’t turn up for soundcheck at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, and I smile, and then at 9 o’clock they turn up, and then I have a beautiful, beautiful crowd of people who I love, and then they come and they fuck my stage. [pointing at the band] You guys, go home.  We will…  We will refund the tickets, and I can only say that I am so sorry, because the music industry and live music is beautiful.  And.. I — I suffer from alcoholism and stuff, and I have issues in my life, but I am professional.  And I am sorry — I will not sit here and pollute my venue with bullshit, and I can only apologize for you who were getting some of it, because there is some magic there, but not…  international people watching I apologize, but not in the Convent, and I am so sorry guys.  So, all I can say is that this is my house, and I have acted how I feel is appropriate.”

    That obviously flared up some people!

    On the Convent Club’s Facebook page, Matt Roberts commented on the publicity:


    What do you think of Matt Roberts’ actions? Leave a comment!

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