April 2015’s TOP TEN JimOnLight Posts


    Ah, we love seeing what you love to read, what irks you, what you love, what you hate, and everything in between!

    Like, for example, whenever I post segments of video that appeared somewhere else in parts, I always throw a shout-out to my favorite Product Manager Brad Schiller so he doesn’t yell at me via email!

    But with all seriousness, even though I am still surprised that “seriousness” is a word, it sounds like a mistake, here’s the TOP TEN JimOnLight.com posts for April 2015!  Counting down to #1 from this month’s #10…

    #10:  JimOnLight at #USITT, in Photos!

    Hi Richard!

    #9:  TESLA:  The Race to Zero Point Energy

    #8:  My God, It’s Full of STARS!  What You See When Your Eyes are Closed, Phosphenes!

    #7:  LER:  Luminaire Efficacy Rating

    #6:  The RESOURCES PAGE on JimOnLight!

    #5:  A LEGO CONCERT RIG!!!!

    #4:  How to Make the Electric Pickle Experiment

    #3:  Lighting 101 – Luminance vs. Illuminance

    #2 of April 2015:  Reversed Decisions in the Indiana State Fair Collapse

    …and this month’s #1 post:  Stage Weights, Dropped On Things, for FUN!  (Video will hopefully be restored soon, stay tuned!!)



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