Need A Laugh? Here’s A Han Solo Aroused in Carbonite Light Switch Plate


That’s right, people!  Han SOLO!  BAHAHAA!

Come on, it’s at least a little funny, and it’s Monday, so even better.  Here’s a Han Solo encased in Carbonite switch plate designed by Etsy user WickedStudio!


Just in case you were wondering, yes the switch pole is supposed to be Han’s pole.

From WickedStudios:

The Force is hard with this one. This is a working UL approved switch installed in the crotch of an icon of pop culture, Han Solo in Carbon Freeze. I hand-sculpted the switch plate to an appropriate scale for the switch and in the likeness of Harrison Ford. It installs directly to the wall over an existing switch box. The switch is also painted in matching silver as pictured.

Measures 10x4x1.5 inches and includes mounting hardware and instructions. This is not an official Star Wars product.

Pre-order is $10 to lock in at $45 price (price may go up next time around). When your switch is complete, you will then be invited to make payment of $35 plus shipping through Etsy again. I estimate this next set to ship in 2-3 weeks, but I plan to make another mold immediately so that I can speed up. Items will be shipped in the order received.

Shipping costs:
$10.20 in USA
$32.15 to canada
$45.25 to everywhere else

Will ship USPS Priority.

“The focus is hard with this one.”  BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!  

Oh I love being ten years old again.


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