The Daily Lamp – Balloon X Lamp, from Kouichi Okamoto


Good evening, Earth!

Tonight’s Daily Lamp comes from designer Kouichi Okamoto for Haoshi, who redefines the idea of the low-tech, low impact lamp.  Kouicihi says “the balloon and light represent hope and warmness: a beam of light, a stream of warmness, a flying of a balloon, a ray of hope.”  Meet Balloon X:


From the Balloon X site on Kouichi Okamoto’s website:

This lamp is basically created with a balloon and a LED, made possible because unlike other types of bulbs, LEDs do not generate heat. LEDs are environmentally friendly because they last longer, is energy efficient, and can be used continuously for over 100 hours using the 2lithium-coin battery.

Check it out!  It’s pretty simple, yes?  It’s a balloon and an LED source with some coin batteries included.  It’s also only $29 bucks if you live in Japan (2940 JPY), but if you want it here in the States or Canada, it’s $61 bucks (or $119 here, WTF!  It’s a balloon and an LED!).  For a balloon and an LED. AND, you can use ANY balloon.

I’ll never understand the ins and outs of importing.







Thanks to Design Milk and Mocoloco!

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