The Daily Lamp – Dodeck, A Lamp Dancing with Shadows


Editor’s Note:  Pardon the two days’ pause there folks, I had a few days of complete crap headaches. Ah, the seasons’ change causes great pressure in the sinus region, which brings back Ol’ Daddy Migraine for a springtime visit!

Today’s Daily Lamp is an awesome offering from designers Markus Dilger and Thomas Hiemann of Mergeshop in Berlin — meet Dodeck, a beautiful structural lamp that makes perfect use of geometric shadows (when you use the correct light bulb, that is!):

Dodeck XL Manual from merge shop on Vimeo.

Check out the wonderful shadow play that this lamp is all about — this is an excellent piece for a child’s room, perhaps a design studio, playroom, you get the idea:



Any lamp that makes shadows is awesome in my book!  Being the nerd that I am, I’m also a huge fan of anything geometric!

Here’s what comes in the Dodeck XL package — there are 2 models — Dodeck M at 119.50 pounds (or $183.95 USD), and Dodeck XL at 159.50 pounds ($245.53 USD).  From the website:

The Dodeck lamp series is the result of experiments with geometrical structures. Each lampshade is a construction kit consisting of different single components with a plug connection. The Dodeck lamp becomes a centerpiece in any modern space. It creates decorative patterns on the ceiling and wall.

It is available in two different sizes. Each Dodeck lampshade comprises die cut components, which are made from Les NATURALS® cardboard. The cardboard is 100 % wastepaper and free of hazardous materials. The Lamp is produced locally in Berlin.

Check it:








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