The Daily Lamp – OOO Desk Lamp by Vasiliy Butenko



Today’s Daily Lamp offering is a really oddly beautiful lamp called the OOO Desk Lamp from Ukraine – from designer Vasiliy Butenko‘s website on the OOO Desk Lamp:

1920s of the 20th century were the fundamental years for the modern design history. For me, this period seems to be the most interesting and unique. Events study of that time allows looking at things in absolutely different way. While creating simple things sometimes see for yourself, how difficult it is to achieve an object’s visual expression without providing it with complicated structure and decor’s excessiveness.

Being inspired with an idea to create simple and expressive object, I decided to make a table lamp setting a challenge for myself of three main tasks: fewer parts, ease of assembly and functionality.

In order to swing the lamp directing the illuminant to the desired point, I’ve used two powerful neodymium magnets.The first one of cylindrical shape combined the two top plates, which provided the possibility to manage without additional connecting elements; the second one of spherical shape connected the structure of lamp with a tube together performing the function of rotatory joint.

Thus, to assemble the lamp in whole it took me two magnets and one screw that connected the tube with the bottom plate.Due to the fact that the top plate has a large diameter, it is very easy to swirl the lamp. You just need to press slightly on the edge of the plate to change the lamp’s position.

I have identified three basic positioning points for myself: when the bottom is positioned horizontally, vertically and at an angle.

In the horizontal position the lamp serves as a night-light; in vertical – as a decorative element, and in angle wise position it can be used for reading and writing. The illuminant for lamp can be one small LED bulb, which is sufficient enough for the listed above activities.

Check this out – it reminds me in a weird un-yellow way of the Fashion Mall in Las Vegas on the strip:








This lamp is just a big bunch of yellow awesome.  Thanks Vasiliy!

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