Awesome Anti-Coal Ads from Bruce Power in Ontario



Living in Canada has been an interesting Google experience for me; since my search queries are mostly based on the .ca domain, I get lots of research results for events and companies up here in Canada, as you’d assume. Like this:

and this one:

Not to mention this one:

These ads are from a company called Bruce Power, which is about 150 miles NW of Toronto. Bruce Power is Canada’s first private nuclear power generator, with a combined complex output of 6300 megawatts. That’s a whole lot of low greenhouse gas emission power. Now that’s not to say nuclear doesn’t have its own pitfalls, like really having no safe way to store the waste. But that’s another post for another day.  Frankly, any step against beating Big Coal down to size is a good step for the world as a whole.

Thanks to Atomic Insights!

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