8 MATH Talks That Will Blow Your MIND. Yes, MATH!



Once more, hell yes I am talking about MATH!

[shut yo mouth]

No, no, it’s true, I am speaking of MATH.  As in AWESOME math.  As in TED TALKS MATH!

You have to see these speeches and TED Talks on Math.  You have to trust in me that these are not as boring as MATH may sound to you…  but to those of us who want to change the world, this stuff is essential!  There are eight talks on the TED Talks website, which YOU MUST SEE.  However, here’s a few of my favorites…  I hope they change your life!

Ron Eglash: Fractals at the Heart of African Designs

Arthur Benjamin Does “MatheMagic!”

Last but definitely not least or final — Benoit Mandelbrot – Fractals and the Art of Roughness

Go check out the rest of the TED Talks on Math!  Great, great stuff, people!  Nothing at all like high school calc, this is fun, beautiful, lovely math!

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